Tuesday, August 25, 2009

When it rains, it pours!

Well, I am trying to keep a positive attitude. I keep telling myself that God won't give me more than I can handle and that no matter what he's going to take care of me. With that being said, he gave me a new problem to handle!

Travis woke me up at 5:30 this morning b/c someone had busted the window of his truck out and stolen his wallet(credit cards, debit card, ID, Social Security card, etc.)! Well, he was just going to go to work and get the window fixed but I told him he needed to file a report. So he called the sheriff's office. While we were waiting, I suggested he check my car. I didn't see any damage on the outside. It was TRASHED on the inside. But I wasn't worried b/c the only thing I could remember being in there of value was the girl's DVD player. Until Travis' asked if my camera had been in the car. I LOST it then. I had left my fancy Canon camera with my expensive lens in the console yesterday after taking Kate's first day of school pictures! That means I have no camera and no pictures of Kate! Then I realized that my camera bag was in there, too. It had my video camera that I had bought last November, my extra lens, all my chargers (even my small digital camera that I keep in my purse's charger).

Once I composed myself, I went and found the boxes for the items and luckily I had some serial # for the deputy. Hopefully if someone pawns them they will get caught.

I got Kate ready for school, sent her with my mom, Travis finally left for work after the officer finger printed my vehicle. Then I got Ally ready for school. I went to my car to take her and realized that they had stolen my makeup bags. I had 2 in the car one that I normally carry in my purse and one that is a backup that stays in the console. Over $200 worth of makeup! What are they going to do with that! Plus, they stole the DIAPER BAG! Why would they need that!!! I was so mad!

I feel so angry! I lost all the video's on my camera from the last year, all my pictures that I hadn't downloaded, etc. I even had to take Ally to school with NO makeup on!

But, on the positive side. No one was hurt. My family is ok. That's the ONLY thing that makes me feel better! I do know that somehow some good has to come out of all the bad luck we've been having lately! And I am trying so hard to stay positive!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Mini Vacation to Coldspring, Tx

We really wanted to take the girls camping this summer but with all the "things" going on it just didn't happen. So we took them to Cold Spring for a mini vacation. This way we weren't too far from home incase we were needed.
The girls had a blast!! We went on a nature hike.
Found a pine tree that grew along the ground.
The hike was very long. I didn't last long. It hurt too bad to walk and they left me behind. I was about 10 minutes behind them!

We were camping at Double Lake in the National Forest.

Kate and Ally loved the camper. They had to share a bed and that was interesting but it ended up being ok. I kicked Travis out of my bed the second night b/c I was so uncomfortable that I couldn't roll over with him there.

Kate wanted to stay in the camper all the time. She thought that it was sooo cool!


Tornado on Wednesday!
It went right between our houses but never touched the ground!

This is in our pasture behind the barn. Our neighbors' tree was uprooted.

We actually had a tornado come down our street! It tore the tops of trees off and threw them in our yard and into my Expedition that I just got!
Can you believe it! You can actually see the path where it went next to our friends house across the street across to our house and behind us never actually hitting a house! We were so lucky that it was just my car and a mess!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

A Great Day!

Today was a great day! The girls and I were late to church but I was just glad to be there! We stayed for Sunday School, too. I haven't done that in a while and had been missing it! It was so good to see people that I hadn't seen in a while and feel normal again!

After church, we went to McDonald's and then to see my grandfather and Gma at Woodlands Health Care. Thank goodness that he gets to come home in the morning! I HATE going there! I feel really bad for his roommate. He seems to enjoy our visits. Today he actually said something for the first time since I met him. He hasn't had one visitor since my grandfather has been there. I would like to go visit him but I feel it would be kind of weird. Still thinking on that one. Maybe I'll make him a blanket. It's REALLY cold in there!

Then we came home and watched TV while Travis finished sleeping. He had a horrible night on the ambulance. I hadn't seen him that tired in a really long time. He got up about 3:30 and we went to Walmart on 242. It was amazing the difference in people in that Walmart compared to the people in the Sawdust Walmart. We then came home, made dinner and it was bath time!

After bath time we played a good game of tickle monster and then BEDTIME! Yeah!! Over all a Great Day!!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Recent Pics

I ACTUALLY added some pictures and everything!!
In May, this was the girls idea of getting wet b/c I wouldn't let them play in the sprinkler!!
Ally at Kate's Last Soccer game in May.
Kate's graduation from Wee Grow! She's such a big girl!

Silly girls!

In July we went to Leakey and saw the bats. Isn't this scary.

More bats!

My little water bug! She LOVES these goggles!
Kate learned how to swim this summer! Very quickly, too! We are so proud of her!

My pretty little Mermaid!!
The girls eating cake batter! Ally had more fun with it than Kate did!


I am really not very good at this blog thing. But I am sooooo excited b/c in 1 hour and 9 minutes I will officially be in my THIRD trimester! I only have 12 weeks left! I don't know what I was thinking when we decided to have another baby. I guess after you have the baby you forget what it is truly like. It is NOT very fun for me. I am now having all the pains I had with Kate (pains around my rib cages, reflux, super duper swelling, etc.) plus all the pains I had with Ally (back pain, actually its a little lower than my back, muscle pains, etc.) combined! I do NOT want to do this again.

But on the postitive side, when it's all over I am going to have a wonderful little girl. We still don't have a definate name. We'll figure it out though.

My grandfather is coming home from 7 weeks of being in 3 different hospitals on Monday. We signed him up for Hospice. Very sad, but realisticly we didn't have much options. It will just be good to have him home.

Travis' grandfather seems to be doing better. He has had 2 Chemo treatments and 8 radiation treatments so far. His spirits are better and is driving now! They went all the way to Kuntry Katfish today and he drove!!!

Kate and Ally are doing great! Ally doesn't understand why her baby sister can't come out now. This afternoon they were both rubbing my feet with lotion and taking care of me while we watched TV. Ally covered me up and kept checking on me. I can't believe that Kate is starting Kindergarten in 23 days. I am NOT looking forward to it! It is really going to take some adjusting to! Kate starts on the 24th and Ally starts her school on the 25th. At least I will get some time to myself before the baby is born.

I got a new car yesterday! It actually isn't new, but it's new to me. Its a 2004 Ford Expedition in EXCELLENT condition! I LOVE it! It has leather seats, a 6 disc cd player, a power third row seat, etc. I couldn't be happier even if it was new b/c we got a GREAT deal on it! Now were are ready for baby girl #3. Sure wish we had a name for her though!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

One problem gone, another begins! UGH!

Well, I have gone 2 days without medicine!! Yeah! No throwing up!! But I did too much yesterday. I have been cleaning out Kate's room, trying to make room for some of Ally's things. It's going to take alot of work and time to get everything the way I want it! But I also got to mop my kitchen, cook dinner, clean the kitchen, clean the living room and do several loads of laundry! But now my BACK is killing me! I laid down to read a book last night about 10 and by 10:30 when I tried to walk to the bathroom, I almost didn't make it. I almost fell to the floor. It hurt so bad. I felt like my Gma does.
I didn't go anywhere today b/c of my back. The girls and I stayed inside and played and rested. I didn't even take a bath or shower! I know, I ALWAYS shave my legs, but not today! But now I am paying for it! We have NO water! The water main busted again across the street. They don't know when they'll get it fixed. Now I am miserable! I want to shave my legs and I can't!
I am 13 weeks now! Only 27 weeks left! Yeah! I'll find out girl/boy in 7 weeks! I am excited!